Jeannie & Richard “

“We fully understand your decision and we will miss you both. You are very good teachers. Please let us know if you do any more classes later on in the area that we could attend even if its Maidenhead as we would like to continue with Salsa.

Our very best wishes to you both and our thanks for you patience with us.

Kind Regards
Jeannie & Richard “


Penny and Peter”

“Dear Yvonne,
Thank you very much for your classes. We have enjoyed them very much and feel that we have learnt a great deal in the short time you have been teaching us. Your clear instructions were very helpful and we enjoyed your cheerful teaching style Yvonne!

We will miss seeing you and hope we will meet up again, maybe on a dance floor somewhere.

Good luck with all your ventures.

Kind regards,
Penny and Peter”



Thelma, Sue, Marilyn and Margaret 12th October 2009


Tony and Yvonne. what can we say?
12th October is our last day
Of lessons at the Community Hall, Tring
Learning how to do the Salsa dancing

The most basic step is the Mambo
It fits in everywhere, you know
Gives you confidence at the very start
Before the tricky moves play their part

Cuban, Rumba and a side step double
Are all very fine but then there is trouble
The “Ladies Turn” must get round in eight
I was taking too long and being late

I have never mastered the Suzy ‘Q’
“Back crossovers” can be baffling too
“Cross Bodies” we have some afternoons
We “Shine” at Bow Ties and Flicks to Salsa tunes

Then the Hammer Lock, a double one!
Cuban baskets, oh what fun
We now knock them off in “Strictly” style
Who am I kidding, but it makes us smile

We will miss our Monday afternoons, that’s true
Lots of good wishes to both of you
However, we might turn up on a Thursday night
To show those Berko folk how to do it right.

Thanks from all of us
Thelma, Sue, Marilyn and Margaret 12th October 2009


Sandra 2017

Dear Yvonne and Toni

Firstly, I would like to thank you both for the absolute pleasure you have given me during our classes.

I’ve learned a lot through your guidance and patience and do not intend to forget it.

The Winter months give me more time but that doesn’t help with running the classes, I do not want to loose contact with you two and the class, so meeting up add hock is a great idea!!

I may turn up at the bird hill one night and do a session again there,  but I shall make sure I can get to the add hock classes, I’m on hols mid September.

You are both such a fine example of dedication and teaching expertise and making the lesson so enjoyable, I really can’t thank you enough, and Toni is no bad dance partner, in fact us ladies have been spoilt for anyone else!

So looking forward to our workshop classes,

Love Sandra xx